round table “Terrain vague”


  • Juan Naranjo Gallery of Art & Documents and the Agustí Centelles Library are pleased to invite you to the round table “Terrain vague” of the wish to be held next Thursday, May 11 at 7 pm at the Agustí Centelles Library, Calle del Comte d ‘Urgell, 145, 08036 Barcelona.
    Txema Salvans, Walter Llorach, and Juan Naranjo will participate in the round table “Terrain vague” of desire, which will analyze the changes in the forms of representing prostitution in the last fifty years, starting with two of the most important photo books In Spain Izas, rabizas and colipoterras of Joan Colom (1964) and The waiting game (2013) of Txema Salvans.
    This act is part of the complementary activities of the Fotollibres exhibitions, which can be seen until May 31 at the Biblioteca Agustí Centelles, Calle del Comte d’Urgell, 145, 08036 Barcelona and Terrain vague of desire, photography and prostitution, 1964-2013, which can be seen until 20 May at Juan Naranjo Gallery of Art & Documents, Calle Casanova, 136 – 138 B-3, 08036 Barcelona

Philosophical Coffee , Avant-garde, anti-art and revolution: the situationism


Juan Naranjo Galeria & Documentos de Arte, has the pleasure to invite you to Philosophical Coffee , Avant-garde, anti-art and revolution: the situationism, which will involve philosophers Gonçal Mayos and Yanko Moyano. The encounter will take place on November 14th, at 19.00 h at Casanova St. 136-138, B-3, Barcelona.

Recently the philosophical cafes have changed the format of philosophical expositions, recovering the most original practice of the discipline, dialogue. On this occasion Gonçal Mayos and Yanko Moyano will talk about the Situationist International (1958-1972), an organization of artists and revolutionary intellectuals who considered the radical transformation of society and the creation of a new world as the most beautiful and sublime artwork. Specially, the two philosophers will discuss the history, the meaning and the great influence of the situationism on recent social and political movements. The event is part of the Barcelona Pensa Festival activities and is organized by Juan Naranjo Galeria & Documentos de Arte in collaboration with the Vice-rectorade of Institutionals Relations and Culture and the Department of Philosophy of the University of Barcelona (UB).

Gonçal Mayos and Yanko Moyano are both philosophers, who have collaborated in GIRCHE (International Research Group (‘Culture, History and State ‘) and in books Filosofía para indignados  (specially dedicated to situatinism), *Postdisciplinariedad y desarrollo humano* and *Pensadores en clave macrofilosófica*.

Documentary photographs from America latina 1920-1990

Documentary photographs of Latin America, 1920-1990, the auction is composed of 117 lots of photographs taken by some of the most important photographers working in Latin America between 1920 and 1990, based on documentary aesthetics. Manuel Álvarez Bravo, Martín Chambi, Nacho López, Armando Salas Portugal, Korda, Raúl Corrales, Leo Matiz, Constantino Arias, Perfecto Romero, Liborio Noval, Manuel H, Panchito Cano, Graciela Iturbide, Flor Garduño, Fernando Urbina, Marucha, Luis Brito, Claudi Pérez, Alvaro y Alejandro Hoppe, Mario Algaze, Alejandra Niedermaier …

Activities around Stills, photography and experimental cinema, 1960-1970

jordi cerdaLes invitamos a la proyección de películas de Jordi Cerdá, Ricard Solá, Guillem Baiget y Joan Mostaza  que realizaremos el día 15 de junio a las 19,30 h en Juan Naranjo galería & documentos de arte en la calle Casanova, 136-138 B-3 , 08036 Barcelona, en la que contaremos con la presencia de Jordi Cerdá y Ricard Solá que harán una presentación de las películas que proyectaremos.

Els convidem a la projecció de pel·lícules de Jordi Cerdà, Ricard Solà, Guillem Baiget i Joan Mostassa que realitzarem el dia 15 de juny a les 19,30 h en Juan Naranjo galeria & documentos de arte al carrer Casanova, 136-138 B- 3, 08036 Barcelona, en la qual comptarem amb la presència de Jordi Cerdà i Ricard Solà que faran una presentació de les pel·lícules que projectarem.

Magritte temps, Jordi Cerdá, 1971, 5′
La pedra (Concepte I), Jordi Cerdá, 1974, 5′
L’esborrall de la tardor, Guillem Baiget, Jordi Cerdá, Joan Mostaza,Ricard Solà, 1981, 6′
Bodego, 1983,Guillem Baiget, Jordi Cerdà, Joan Mostaza, Ricard Solà, 1983, 12′

Grundig-Loop 2016 Award


Grundig-Loop 2016 Award
We are pleased to announce that we have received the Grundig-Loop 2016 award for the exhibition Stills, photography and experimental cinema, from 1960 to 1970 we have presented in the City Scape section during the Loop fair held in Barcelona. The exhibition will be open until September 15, 2016.

Julia Margaret Cameron











Fundación MAPFRE is publishing a monographic catalog on the work of Julia Margaret Cameron which will become a reference text about the photographer in Spanish. The catalog contains scientific essays by Marta Weiss (the exhibition’s curator and head curator of photographs at the Victoria and Albert Museum) and Juan Naranjo. The catalog also includes an appendix with some of the most important letters between Cameron and Henry Cole.

Juan Naranjo en Arts Libris


Juan Naranjo en  Arts Libris 2014

El Centre d´Art Santa Mónica ha acogido la fería Arts Libris 2014  23-27 de abril.  Juan Naranjo  ha presentado  fotografías, dibujos, múltiples y material impreso de artistas como  Marcel Duchamp, Francis Picabia, László Moholy-Nagy  Edmund Kesting, Jaromir Funke, Heinz Hajek Halke, Piet Zwart,  Joseph Beuys, Victor Burgin, Ton Sirera, Isidoro Valcarcel Medina, Juan Hidalgo, Antoni Miralda, Jordi Cerdá, etc. También ha presentado  obras de artistas contemporáneos como Chen Wei y JH Engström.

Juan Naranjo a Arts Libris 2014

El Centre d´Art Santa Mónica va  acollir  la fira Arts Libris Arts Libris 2014  23-27 de abril. Juan Naranjo va presentar fotografies, dibuixos, múltiple i imprès material d’artistes com Marcel Duchamp, Francis Picabia, László Moholy-Nagy Edmund Kesting, Jaromír Funke, Heinz Hajek Halke, Piet Zwart, Joseph Beuys, Victor Burgin, fotografies de Ton Sirera, Isidoro Valcárcel Medina, Juan Hidalgo, Antoni Miralda, Jordi Cerdá, etc. També ha presentat treballs d’artistes contemporanis com Chen Wei  i  JH Engström.

VIII Laboratori d’Arxius Municipals (LAM)

VIII Laboratori d’Arxius Municipals (LAM) Els fons privats arxius als municipals, Centre of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona, 10 04 2014. Juan Naranjo participated in the roundtable directed by Xavier Tarraubella i Mirabet Director Historical Archive of the City of Barcelona in which he also participated Jesus Navarro, Jaume Morera Art Museum of Lleida; Joan Soler, president, president of l’Association d’Arxivers-Gestors of Documents de Catalunya; Carles d’Armengol, Moret i Margui Foundation, and Sandro Marchetti, University of Lleida.DSC01968

History of European Photography 1939 – 1969

Captura de pantalla 2013-10-11 a las 18.45.11

Juan Naranjo has participated together with other European photo historians in the “History of European Photography, 1939-1969” publication.

In January 2014, the FOTOFO Foundation will publish the second volume of the History of 20th Century European Photography. For two years 40 experts from 35 countries collaborated in the construction of the largest encyclopedia of the history of photography in the 20th century in Europe, avoiding the dominant view that had prevailed in the construction of the history of this media. The publication complements the successful launch of the first volume published in January, 2010 covering the period of 1900-1938.

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