Subasta arte moderno y contemporáneo

I Sesión Arte Moderno y Contemporáneoentre los lotes más importantes de la subasta, se encuentra Créole una  pintura de Man Ray de 1938 que participó en la Exposition International du Surréalisme, Galerie Robert, Ámsterdam, mayo-junio de 1938 que, posteriormente, el artista regaló y dedicó al pintor canario Óscar Domínguez y Maud Bonneaud; Una fotografía realizada por Salvador Dalí y otra por Gala Dalí a principios de la década de 1930, durante una de las estancias del poeta Robert Desnos en Cadaqués; una escultura objeto de Joseph Beuys y un interesante conjunto de obras y documentos del archivo de Luis Felipe Vivanco (1922-1998)   entre los que se encuentran el lote 32 compuesto por el plano del anteproyecto de la construcción de la catedral de Madrid realizado por Luis Felipe Vivanco,  la maqueta del retablo mayor giratorio para la misma, proyectada por Ángel Ferrant y 4 dibujos originales para la realización de las vidrieras, 1952. También hay obras de Josep Beuys, Jorge Oteiza, Antoine Pevsner, Juan Hidalgo, Ángel Ferrant, Pere Noguera, Francesc Abad, Alfaro, Carla Prina, Manolo Millarés, El Hortelano, Carmen Calvo, Tarsila do Amaral, Marco Mojica, Bosco Sodi, Abdul Bas, Nacho Criado, un interesante grupo de artistas de América Latina, fotografías de Diane Arbus, Pablo Picasso, Salvador y Gala Dalí, John Gutman, Nan Goldin, Tacita Dean, Reinhart Wolf, Antoni Arissa, Agustí Centelles, Josep Alemany, Joaquim Gomis, Pablo Picasso, Antonio Gálvez, Joan Colom

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Ana Solano, “Universos descodificados líquidos”

“Universos descodificados líquidos” was created for this exhibition . This sound video-installation comes up after having read Big bang of severo Sarduy ( Ubu editions 2007) The existence of new universes have seducen me …The idea of building a theory of multiple universes that could be created and decoded; to be able to wanderin underground places, fantasize about the possibility of creating fragmented pieces of universes (matter becomes liquid in metaphorical sense); the pieces open a space and connections that rush towards universes contaminated by a process of approaching to social situation, where matter can be deformed, create landslides …Construct inside space-time intuitive models that rush towards explosions of luminous fragments that become liquid in the journey of the pieces, stories woven between music and video, a mixture of layersthat accumulate those pieces of universes that vibrate and intermingle with empty spaces,
deposits of elements and music that interact with each other in every piece of this sound video-installation …”Universos descodificados líquidos” evolves towards a “dystopia” of social reality …

Jordi Cerdà, del minimalismo al arte conceptual

The exhibition Jordi Cerdà, from minimalism to conceptual art, shows us the production that the artist made between the late 1960s and the late 1980s. It is the first time that his artistic work of this period has been extensively reviewed. Very interesting in his extensive work, but at the same time is very little known at present, was exposed and reproduced in different publications, but has been revisited on rare occasions. The exhibition is composed of paintings, drawings, photographs, photocopies, films and videos by Jordi Cerdà and shows us his evolution, the step he took from pictorial abstraction to conceptual art, in which he used other media such as photography, cinema or the video to make a work more related to the use of verbal language.

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Francesca Llopis, Vanessa & Pierre Bastien, Insektament errants

Insektament errants is an artistic device articulated through video art, painting and photography. A collaboration between Francesca Llopis and Vanessa Pey with an entomological and sonorous interpretation by Pierre Bastien.
Francesa Llopis’ pictorial action Nosaltres & l’estat de les coses 2018 (Us & the state of things 2018) addresses the confrontation and the dysfunction in today’s world as well as the inner fury/rage. Inked fingerprints and pressed hands that tear the paper, taking us into a hole, a vanishing point, and a cry. Whithin the paintings Vanessa Pey unlocks an invisible, subterranean world. Her gaze captures a parallel dimension where new elements, forms, beings and landscapes arise, bringing us back to Insekta’s idea, this reclaiming being who sheds fresh light on the current state of things. 

Agustí Centelles, photographs from a period of conflict, 1934-1939

The exhibition consists of a selection of vintage photographs and later printings, made by the photographer in the 1970s of his most iconic images of Agustí Centelles, undoubtedly the Spanish photographer of war more known worldwide and one of the most important photographers of war conflicts of the twentieth century. His images are part of the national and international collective imagination of the Spanish Civil War.

Since the Civil War, his photographs have been present in numerous publications around the world. Currently, his photographs can be seen in the excellent exhibition Soulèvements, curated by Georges Didi-Huberman, for the Jeu de Paume, Paris.

Documentary photographs of Latin America, 1920-1990

Documentary photographs of Latin America, 1920-1990, the auction is composed of 117 lots of photographs taken by some of the most important photographers working in Latin America between 1920 and 1990, based on documentary aesthetics. Manuel Álvarez Bravo, Martín Chambi, Nacho López, Armando Salas Portugal, Korda, Raúl Corrales, Leo Matiz, Constantino Arias, Perfecto Romero, Liborio Noval, Manuel H, Panchito Cano, Graciela Iturbide, Flor Garduño, Fernando Urbina, Marucha, Luis Brito, Claudi Pérez, Alvaro y Alejandro Hoppe, Mario Algaze, Alejandra Niedermaier …

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Charles Clifford Photographs 1853-1863

The auction is composed of 80 photographs, the catalogue is divided in to two sections: Photographs 1853 -1863 and Experiments & uncommercialized photographs.

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Photographs 1843-2008

170 lots from the beginnings of photography to the present  day. The most important auction lot is  one of the four daguerreotypes of Mathew B. Brady to hit the market in the last 27 years. It´s the oldest preserved photographs  taken in Spain; a portrait of a man dressed as majo dated 1843. Another lot is an  scenic daguerreotype of Narbonna, France of 1845, which  may be the oldest image of a city taken. Aiso two personal albums of  photographer Alphonse Delaunay, 1862 and 1864, and photographs of Man Ray, Alfred Stieglitz, Alexander Rodchenko, Lewis Hine, Emili Godes Jose Ortiz Echague, Joaquim Gomis, Gabriel Cualladó, Rafael Sanz Lobato, Francesc Català-Roca, Colita, Jordi Cerdà, Gunther Forg, Ouka Lele, Manel Sluice, Daniel Steegmann, Jeffrey Milstein

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The Dream Factory, photographs of cinema, Hollywood 1920-1930s

 1 lot.  An important photographic archive consisting of 890 photographs  made in the early Hollywood golden period between 1920 and 1930. The archive presented offers a broad view of the activity performed by photographers to promote the activities of the Hollywood studios: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Paramount Pictures Studio in Los Angeles. Most of the photographs were taken in the 1920s and 1930s and show some major directors, actors and actresses of the time in Hollywood. The photographs are grouped in 8 thematic albums. Directors, movies, actors and actresses among which we find: D.W. Griffith, Cecil B. DeMille, Erich von Stroheim, King Vidor, Ernst Lubitsch, Henry King, George W. Hill, Harry Beaumont, Dimitri Buchowetzki, Greta Garbo, Joan Crawford, Norma Shearer, Carole Lombard, Jean Harlow, Mae West, Marguerite Churchill, Virginia Bruce, Anita Page, Gloria Swanson, Gary Cooper, Clark Gable, Cary Grand, Edward G. Robinson, Randolph Scott, Nelson Eddy, Robert Montgomery, among many others.

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Photographs & Photobooks

Session II Photographs & Photobooks  230 lots from the beginnings of photography to the present day. The photographs and photographic books are by important nineteenth century artists such as: Jacques-Mandé Daguerre, Charles Marville, Auguste Salzmann, Félix Teynard, Alphonse Delaunay, Charles Clifford and J.Laurent, as well as artists who actively participated in twentieth century artistic debates during the inter-war period such as: Constantin Brancusi, Alexander Rodchenko, Joaquim Gomis, Piet Zwart, Man Ray, Brassaï, Raoul Hausmann and Emili Vilá. There are also documentary photographers such as: Dorothea Lange, George Rodger, Francesc Català-Roca, Werner Bischof, Alfred Eisenstaedt, Joan Colom, Colita and abstract photography by Annelisse Hager, Gyorgy Kepes, Myron Kozman and Mario Giacomelli. There is also an important group of photographs taken in Latin America by Hugo Brehme, Leo Matiz, Hermanos Mayo, Walter Reuter, Kurt Severin, Fritz Henle, or by contemporary artists such as: Joseph Beuys, Buby Durini, Pere Noguera, Francesc Torres, Ralph Gibson, Pierre Gonnord, I J. H. Engström, Eduardo Cortils, Juan Pablo Ballester, Bela Adler and Daniel Steegmann.

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