Francesca Llopis, Vanessa & Pierre Bastien, Insektament errants

Insektament errants is an artistic device articulated through video art, painting and photography. A collaboration between Francesca Llopis and Vanessa Pey with an entomological and sonorous interpretation by Pierre Bastien.
Francesa Llopis’ pictorial action Nosaltres & l’estat de les coses 2018 (Us & the state of things 2018) addresses the confrontation and the dysfunction in today’s world as well as the inner fury/rage. Inked fingerprints and pressed hands that tear the paper, taking us into a hole, a vanishing point, and a cry. Whithin the paintings Vanessa Pey unlocks an invisible, subterranean world. Her gaze captures a parallel dimension where new elements, forms, beings and landscapes arise, bringing us back to Insekta’s idea, this reclaiming being who sheds fresh light on the current state of things.