Ana Solano, “Universos descodificados líquidos”

“Universos descodificados líquidos” was created for this exhibition . This sound video-installation comes up after having read Big bang of severo Sarduy ( Ubu editions 2007) The existence of new universes have seducen me …The idea of building a theory of multiple universes that could be created and decoded; to be able to wanderin underground places, fantasize about the possibility of creating fragmented pieces of universes (matter becomes liquid in metaphorical sense); the pieces open a space and connections that rush towards universes contaminated by a process of approaching to social situation, where matter can be deformed, create landslides …Construct inside space-time intuitive models that rush towards explosions of luminous fragments that become liquid in the journey of the pieces, stories woven between music and video, a mixture of layersthat accumulate those pieces of universes that vibrate and intermingle with empty spaces,
deposits of elements and music that interact with each other in every piece of this sound video-installation …”Universos descodificados líquidos” evolves towards a “dystopia” of social reality …

 Ana Solano, Universos Liquidos III, 2018