Intimacy Extimity

Intimacy  Extimity

The exhibition composed of photographs, drawings and paintings, since the nineteenth century to the present day ,  analyse different ways of understanding the intimate through works of  J H Engström, Marina Abramovic, Jordi Cerdá, Chen Wei, Montserrat Soto, Juan Pablo Ballester, Paul White, Aleydis Rispa, Santos Montes, César Ordóñez, Antonio Gálvez, Ton Sirera, César Comas, Agustí Rigalt and Ramón Martí y Ramón Martí Alsina

Galería Juan Naranjo  Casanovas 136 – 138 B-3 08036 Barcelona
Opening hours: 

Tuesday and Thursday  5 PM at 8 PM,Wednesday 11 AM a 14 PM, or by appointment (34) 659 95 66 48