Photographs 1843-2008

170 lots from the beginnings of photography to the present  day. The most important auction lot is  one of the four daguerreotypes of Mathew B. Brady to hit the market in the last 27 years. It´s the oldest preserved photographs  taken in Spain; a portrait of a man dressed as majo dated 1843. Another lot is an  scenic daguerreotype of Narbonna, France of 1845, which  may be the oldest image of a city taken. Aiso two personal albums of  photographer Alphonse Delaunay, 1862 and 1864, and photographs of Man Ray, Alfred Stieglitz, Alexander Rodchenko, Lewis Hine, Emili Godes Jose Ortiz Echague, Joaquim Gomis, Gabriel Cualladó, Rafael Sanz Lobato, Francesc Català-Roca, Colita, Jordi Cerdà, Gunther Forg, Ouka Lele, Manel Sluice, Daniel Steegmann, Jeffrey Milstein

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