Giuseppe De Mattia, Procesos y resultados

Juan Naranjo Art Gallery & Documents is pleased to invite you to the opening of the exhibition of Giuseppe De Mattia Procesos y Resultados that will take place on April 24, 2019 at 8 pm at Calle Casanova 136-138, bajo 3 08036 Barcelona. The exhibition can be seen until May 21, 2019, by appointment at

The unconscious layout, the gestures, the accident are matters of interest to Giuseppe De Mattia who, to make his works, use poor objects or everyday life, like an alabaster ball brought to him by his brother from Albania, a toaster in which he toasts the bread he uses to make her gestural drawings, he has also used the hooks and straps of a Swiss military jacket that he bought in Amsterdam at a flea market, turning it into a drawing machine.

Giuseppe De Mattia, Bari 1980, currently living in Bologna, his lines of research in recent years have focused on the recovery, study and use of objects intended to be discarded, reusing and giving them a new function by photographing them, by recording them, giving them a new life, a new meaning. He uses photography, video, audio and drawing as artistic disciplines. Procesos y Resultados is the first individual show that is presented in Spain of his work.

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