Soñando con el espacio, 1840-2019

 Soñando con el Espacio, 1840-2019.
 Is included in the City Screen program of Loop, 2019, it can be seen on Casanova Street 136-138,  08036 Barcelona between November 19 and December 12, 2019 by appointment at

The exhibition has been organized in different fields, satarting in 1840 in which there was an expansion of the printed and the visible stimulated the proliferation of illustrated books and magazines such as Museo de las Familias, which spread the new inventions, scientific and artistic theories, contributing significantly to the dissemination of images of the Moon and other planets, introducing them into the collective imaginary, in a moment in that the railroad or the steamboats that broke the geographical borders of the planet and made them dream of the possibility of traveling to the Moon, of conquering space.

The following field illustrates, through NASA’s films and pictures made in the 1960s, the time when one of humanity’s dreams was materialized: the arrival of man to the moon. It was undoubtedly one of the greatest events of the twentieth century, it had a great media impact and allowed the start of a new phase, the creation of space stations and the projection of a new challenge for the 21st century: to know more about space, to travel to other planets such as Mars.  Photos and documents of The Melissa Project from Universidad Autònoma de Barcelona, -European Space Agency- and Joan Fontcuberta’s pictures define the last field.

The exhibition is composed of films, photographs, drawings and scores of creators and scientists made between the 19th century and the present day such as Maurice Loewy and Pierre Puiseux, Camille Flammarion, José Comas y Solà, James Nasmyth, Georges Méliès, Raymond Loewy, Joan Fontcuberta , Eduardo Polonio, Aleydis Rispa, Nasa and the Melissa project of La UAB, European Space Agency, among others that illustrate the fascination to conquer space

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