Jean Letellier


Serious Books, 2016
30 x 23cm, 55 pp
Limited edition of 75



ENG “Man is the middle between everything and nothing.” – Blaise Pascal
“JEAN LETELLIER is a French photographer active since 2001. Since 2011, he has been working on a photographic journal of everyday objects, often insignificant or abandoned. With a precisely mastered and constantly evolving technique, Jean Letellier captures the moment offered by warm light, when the illuminated object acquires «iconic» importance and accesses beauty – a non-academic beauty and thus all the more striking. Since 2015, the artist has been exploring territories excluded from large metropolises. From these small and medium-sized towns with ordinary architecture, forgotten by modernity and our gaze, he captures disuse and beauty. The artist opposes any search for the picturesque; he does not seek to transfigure the photographed object. The light is there to reveal the object, and it thus presents itself to view, a little differently. A bright or warm color sometimes comes to enlighten it by bringing a touch of cheerfulness to it. The artist’s work invites us to celebrate these things that remain, to pose a new perspective on these objects that have become invisible, these common and ignored buildings. He offers us to restore these things to their lost soul. In this, Jean Letellier is a contemporary artist witness to his time, in a context of deep reflection on the reuse and enhancement of existing objects.” -Louise Lance