Klaus Lang


Maria de Alvear world edition, 2013
1 CD
12,5 x 14 cm
ISBN: 4260025640247



«SAIS. is a piece about cows. Cows are a topic quite familiar for a composer who lives in an Austrian mountain village at 1000 metres hight. He finds them right in front of his door. The cows that are grazing on a juicy green under a bright blue sky – so we might imagine – are one side of the trio. Within the 100 page long score we meet them in the shape of a line of overtones. Just as natural as the life of a cow on an alpine meadow is the musical material that builds SAIS. as a scale of overtones above a low G sharp. But there is the other side, too, the cultural if you will, where humans interfere nature. In SAIS. this aspect manifests itself as an additional tempered scale, and, using the metaphor of the cow as livestock and useful object.»