Pancho Saula
MW Editions, 2018
28,57 x 28,57 cm, 64 pp
30 ilustraciones
ISBN: 9780998701844
45 €

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Afterword by Joel Meyerowitz

Madagascar presents 30 black-and-white photographs by Spanish photographer Pancho Saula that capture the light and contours of this unique island. Madagascar is one of the most remote and beautiful countries in the world, and one of the very few places that has not yet been transformed by the deracinations of globalization: some areas are still untouched by tourism, and some ethnic groups, such as the Vezo, live in isolation in primitive conditions. Time stops in Madagascar, and nature is rich and intact: the vast majority of the island’s abundant flora and fauna exist nowhere else on earth. Ancient baobab trees tower above; enormous sand dunes envelop seaside fishing towns. Superbly printed in this handsomely designed volume, Saula’s photographs of the island range from the near-abstract to clear-eyed but sensitive portraiture.